Croatian String Quartet

Since its foundation in 2012, the Croatian String Quartet has performed in all major concert venues in the country and at the most national and local festivals and events. It should be highlighted their performances in the Croatian Music Institute, MAGfestival in Split, Musical Evenings in St. Donat in Zadar, International Dubrovnik Late Summer Festival and 33rd Zagreb Summer Evenings with the pianist Aljoša Jurinić.

In 2013, they participated in musical training at an international chamber master class in Weikersheim, Germany, under the direction of the Vogler Quartet and Mr. Gerhard Schulz from the Alban Berg Quartet.

In 2014, the quartet won the award of the 47th Tribune Darko Lukić, and as a result, Quartet attracted the attention of a wider audience and critics. 

With an otherwise wide repertoire, the Croatian String Quartet pays special attention to Croatian music, thus engaging in research work, keeping the focus on the great composers stemming from the Croatian history. 

They are also in demand as en ensemble for playing contemporary music, and they regularly perform at the Music Biennale Zagreb and The Music Tribune in Opatija.

Also, for all the members of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra are in great demand as individual artists, so they collaborate with almost all orchestras and ensembles in the country. The Croatian String Quartet is proud to present its debut album, a cycle of five string quartets by Stjepan Šulek entitled ‘My Childhood’ published by Cantus.

Croatian String Quartet are:

Martin Draušnik (violin)
Alina Gubajdulina (violin)
Aleksandar Jakopanec (viola) 
Zita Varga (violoncello)